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  Akshay 78b291a402 fixed formatting for markdown headings in 1 year ago
  akshaycadambi 9bf0732064 Changed sample type to char (which is 8-bit in AVR GCC) 5 years ago
  akshaycadambi 0e781208b6 Fixed squarewave. Works with and without table. 5 years ago
  akshaycadambi 5cb90d79d3 Generalized tables for sine, tri, saw. Square still doesn't work 5 years ago
  akshaycadambi 96c62c4850 Fixed bugs in examples 5 years ago
  akshay1992 804497fcfc Updated README (very minor!) 5 years ago
  akshay1992 523df49e24 Updated README (minor) 5 years ago
  akshay1992 e81ff62534 Updated README 5 years ago
  akshaycadambi c0a6b612fb Added Synthdef Example, Readme. 5 years ago
  akshaycadambi 62f926f0e2 Major fixes in MSynth. Interrupt works. 2 Examples. 5 years ago
  akshaycadambi 9493e93fa1 Made MSynth.h as an interface 5 years ago
  akshaycadambi 42d504beed Changed sample dtype. Tested on Arduino Serial 5 years ago
  akshaycadambi 9dd00bea4d MSynth header. Fix-Saw,square. Squarewave Optimizations 5 years ago
  akshaycadambi c01fe6920b Removed all unnecessary includes. 5 years ago
  akshaycadambi 994faca756 Removed old - oscillator.cpp 5 years ago
  akshaycadambi 6665cd3757 Basic oscillators done. Implemented gamma-style ()-operator overloading for next sample request. Moved ugens to new namespace 'ugen'. 5 years ago
  akshaycadambi 9150c4595b First commit 5 years ago