A modular framework for defining and working with spatial audio effects written in C++.

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Lithe was concieved as a proof of concept for a patching workflow for spatial audio.

This repository builds a static library lithe_core and contains a framework for patching and processing an object-based audio graph. It also has utilities for using parameter fields that are mapped to 2D-manifolds. It's intended use is for creating effects for object-based spatial audio.

Lithe can be installed as a static library from this repo. It doesn't have any dependencies.

Build instructions:

Note: All builds require CMake

Building and installing Lithe

Clone Lithe from the git repo

    git clone git@code.cadambi.space:akshaycadambi/Lithe

To build Lithe

    cd Lithe
    mkdir build
    cd build
    cmake ..

To install

    make install

Note that the above command will will install in the default location (usually /usr/local/). To specify a different install location, you can manually specify install directory in the last command:

    make install <path_to_install_directory>

Note: The install and uninstall scripts are provided as a shorthand. install.sh installs in the default directory /usr/local/ and uninstall.sh removes Lithe from those locations (if found).

Building and running tests

To configure the build with the unit test target follow the same steps as above but with the following cmake flag:

    cmake .. -DLITHE_TESTS=TRUE

Note: Lithe uses GoogleTest for testing. It automatically downloads and builds this dependency when testing. Therefore, be sure to be connected to the internet while configuring cmake with the test target.

Then to build the test target, do the following.

    make lithe_tests

This will run the tests and print the results.


To generate the documentation, from within the Lithe/build/ directory created in the above build step, run the following command:

make docs

The documentation can be found within Lithe/docs in html and latex forms.

Note: Lithe uses Doxygen for generating documentation. First make sure Doxygen is installed before running the above command.

Author: Akshay Cadambi
Email: akshaycadambi@gmail.com